[KAN-RAKU 寛楽]Brand-new hotel opens on July 1st. 2017, started accepting reservations by phone.

Select Hotels Group will launch a new style hotel named "KAN-RAKU 寛楽" in Saitama prefecture : suburb of Tokyo, on July 1st. 2017.

We started accepting reservations by phone.

Telephone number : +81-495-25-8088

kanraku bluesky 20170612.jpg

"KAN-RAKU 寛楽" is the wooden two storied hotel looks like Japanese traditional "ryokan".

We offer not only Japanese "OMOTENASHI" but also comfort and function as western style hotels.

Address : 2-1-16, Wasada-no-mori, Honjo-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan

Access : 5 minute walk from Honjo-Waseda station on JR Shinkansen Line.

Website : http://kanraku.jp/en/honjowaseda/