By Railway / Bus Railway
[JR Gotemba Station ⇒ Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba]About 5 minutes on foot

★Tokyo Station ⇒ JR Tokaido Shinkansen(Billet Train) "Hikari" or "Kodama" / Approx. 60 minutes⇒ JR Mishima Station ⇒ JR Tokaido Line / Approx. 5 minutes ⇒ JR Numazu Station ⇒ JR Gotemba Line / Approx. 30 minutes ⇒ JR Gotemba Station

★Shinjuku Station ⇒ JR Shonan Shinjuku Line ⇒ JR Kozu Station ⇒ JR Gotemba Line / Approx. 50 minutes ⇒ JR Gotemba Station

★Nagoya Station ⇒ JR Tokaido Shinkansen(Billet Train) "Hikari" or "Kodama" / Approx. 110 minutes⇒ JR Mishima Station ⇒ JR Tokaido Line / Approx. 5 minutes ⇒ JR Numazu Station ⇒ JR Gotemba Line / Approx. 30 minutes ⇒ JR Gotemba Station

★Tokyo International Airport(Haneda)
 About 120 minutes / Operated by Keikyu Bus

★Shinjuku Expressway Bus terminal(BASTA)
 About 90 minutes / Operated by Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus

★Tokyo Station
 About 90 minutes / Operated by Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus

By Car [Tomei-Gotemba I.C of Tomei Jidoshado Expressway ⇒ Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba]About 5 minutes.
★URL: NEXCO CENTRAL - Central Nippon Expressway

Free Parking For 10 standard cars.
We have been contracting neighborhood parking.
Please contact us in advance in case of car length over 5m.

[Exit] Tomei-Gotemba I.C of Tomei Jidoshado Expressway
Gotemba Station - Bus Stop
Gotemba station


Good base for sightseeing and shopping - Mt.Fuji, GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS, FUJI SPEEDWAY, FUJI SAFARI PARK, and more !

  • Gotemba Station[Otomeguchi (Otome Exit)] ⇒ Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba
    There is a bus stop for Hakone and Shinjuku on the Otomeguchi(Otome Exit,乙女口) side of Gotemba Station.

    "Coffee - LOVE IS ART" is a small restaurant that serves curry and coffee. You can see the owner's artworks there.
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  • Shopping around Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba
    [Sun・Sun PLAZA(サンサンプラザ)]
    ★9:30 or 10:00 AM - 8:00 or 8:30 PM *Depending on days or shops
    ★A supermarket, clothing shops, 100yen shop "DAISO" are in it.
    ★Daiso, some products are over 100yen. Look carefully the price tag! And consumption tax must be added, so 100yen comes to 108yen.

    [7-Eleven Gotemba Ekimae(セブンイレブン御殿場駅前店)]
    ★24 hours, everyday *New Year's Day will be closed.
    ★Convenience store, the nearest to Gotemba Station.

    ★24 hours, everyday
    ★Bags are charged. To save your money, bring your own shopping bag.

    ★10:00 AM - 7:00 PM *There will be a case to be closed.
    ★Popular chain store you can get clothes with moderate prices.

    ★10:00 or 11:00 AM - 20:00 *Depending on day
    ★World famous clothes store from Japan, duty-free shopping will be possible.

    [Gyomu Super(業務スーパー御殿場店)]
    ★9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
    ★Such as clerks at restaurants go to shop there because it sells foods with moderate prices.
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  • FUJI SPEEDWAY[富士スピードウェイ]
    Its altitude is 545 to 580 meters, the racing circuit in the foot of the east side of Mt. Fuji.
    Besides the main course of about 5 km in length, it has 4 courses by event and purpose.
    The abbreviation is FSW.
    Not only races of motorcycles and racing cars, but also unique events like "Mama-chari Grand Prix" are also taking place. Mama-chari is nickname of home-use bicycle.

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  • GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS[御殿場プレミアム・アウトレット]
    "PREMIUM OUTLETS" is a large outlet where famous domestic and overseas brands open stores directly.
    “GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS” is the flagship store and you can see Mt. Fuji which is on the World Heritage list.
    There are over 200 stores includes tax-free stores.
    Information center, free Wi-Fi spot, currency exchange and prayer room are also in the site.

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  • FUJI SAFARI PARK[富士サファリパーク]
    FUJI SAFARI PARK is a kind of zoo reproduced a safari.
    It is divided into two parts, Safari Zone(サファリゾーン) and Fureai Zone(ふれあいゾーン).
    ◇Safari Zone is a 50-minute driving course. You can drive with your own car or a rent-a-car called "Safari Navigation Car". The bus called "Jungle Bus" is also available.
    Animals from all over the world roam freely and leisurely in seven zones* with Mt. Fuji behind.
    *Bear / Lion / Tiger / Cheetah / Elephant / Herbivorous Animal(reticulated giraffe, white rhinoceros etc.) / Mountainous and Herbivorous Animal(wapiti, American bison, Barbary sheep etc.)
    ◇In Fureai Zone you can enjoy feeding and playing with cute animals.

    Tax-free shopping is available.
    Wi-Fi is available at Free Rest Station.

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  • Mt. Fuji [富士山]
    Fuji is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan and it is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list
    You will be satisfied just by looking at it, but you will also want to climb.
    Gotemba has the departure / arrival point of "Gotemba route".

    "Gotenba Route" is a somewhat difficult mountaineering course, suitable for experienced mountaineers.
    The departure point is 1,440 meter in altitude, the distance is longer than the other courses, and the altitude difference is also high.
    It would be safe to stay at the lodge for 1 night.
    It will take 7.5 hours to climb and about 3.5 hours to go down.

    If you go out to climb Mt. Fuji, we will keep your luggage before check-in or after check-out.

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  • Higashiyama-ko Lake Fishing Area[東山湖フィッシングエリア]
    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you can experience fishing safely while watching Mt. Fuji.
    The season of cherry blossoms is particularly scenic and you can enjoy walking along the boardwalk, even if you are not an angler.
    If you are traveling to Gotemba with your family, there are ways for women to shop at GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS and men to go fishing here.

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  • Hakone[箱根]
    Although Hakone is popular due to its good access from Tokyo, you can go there directly with bus from Gotemba.

    Hakone is popular as a sightseeing spot with hot springs.
    And it has a rich nature and history. There are plenty of places to visit, such as famous shrines, hiking course, museums, hot spring theme parks or a lake called "Ashino-ko".
    There are lots of famous events and festivals, especially "Hakone Ekiden" in January is popular among Japanese.


    ・The photo
    Left:Ashino-ko Lake(芦ノ湖) You can see Mt.Fuji, Torii of Hakone-Jinja shrine and a pleasure boat named Kaizokusen - Pirate Ship on it.
    Right:Sengokubara(仙石原) You can see beautiful landscape with susuki - Japanese pampas grasses in autumn there.

    ・The Google Map
    Start:Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba

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