FUJI SAFARI PARK is a kind of zoo reproduced a safari.
It is divided into two parts, Safari Zone(サファリゾーン) and Fureai Zone(ふれあいゾーン).
◇Safari Zone is a 50-minute driving course. You can drive with your own car or a rent-a-car called "Safari Navigation Car". The bus called "Jungle Bus" is also available.
Animals from all over the world roam freely and leisurely in seven zones* with Mt. Fuji behind.
*Bear / Lion / Tiger / Cheetah / Elephant / Herbivorous Animal(reticulated giraffe, white rhinoceros etc.) / Mountainous and Herbivorous Animal(wapiti, American bison, Barbary sheep etc.)
◇In Fureai Zone you can enjoy feeding and playing with cute animals.

Tax-free shopping is available.
Wi-Fi is available at Free Rest Station.

[URL] http://www.fujisafari.co.jp/english/

※This picture is a depiction of the park.

[From Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba]By car : About 30 minutes
[From JR Gotemba Station]By fixed-route bus* : About 35 minutes *Operated by Fujikyuko Bus(富士急行バス), depart from 4th bus stop.


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