Although Hakone is popular due to its good access from Tokyo, you can go there directly with bus from Gotemba.

Hakone is popular as a sightseeing spot with hot springs.
And it has a rich nature and history. There are plenty of places to visit, such as famous shrines, hiking course, museums, hot spring theme parks or a lake called "Ashino-ko".
There are lots of famous events and festivals, especially "Hakone Ekiden" in January is popular among Japanese.

[URL] http://www.hakonenavi.jp/english/

・The photo
Left:Ashino-ko Lake(芦ノ湖) You can see Mt.Fuji, Torii of Hakone-Jinja shrine and a pleasure boat named Kaizokusen - Pirate Ship on it.
Right:Sengokubara(仙石原) You can see beautiful landscape with susuki - Japanese pampas grasses in autumn there.

・The Google Map
Start:Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba

[From Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba ⇒ Hakone-Togendai(箱根桃源台)]By car:About 30 minutes

[From Gotemba Station(Fujisan-guchi) ⇒ Yunessun(ユネエッサン)]By fixed-route bus operated by Hakone Tozan Bus(箱根登山バス):About 60 minutes

[From Gotemba Station(Otome-guchi) ⇒ Hakone-Togendai(箱根桃源台)]By fixed-route bus operated by Odakyu Hakone Kosoku Bus(小田急箱根高速バス):About 40 minutes
*This bus departs from Shinjuku and via Gotemba interchange etc.
There will be times it won't operate as scheduled and you cannot take it if it is full.
It would be better to check the traffic conditions and availability at the Gotemba station, Otomeguchi ticket office.

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