What case children's accommodation rate to be free ?
1) If a child uses a bed or futon alone, no matter how old the child is, the accommodation rate is the same as an adult.
2) If a child is an elementary school student or older than, the accommodation rate is the same as an adult.
3) If a child is younger than elementary school students (infant) and uses a bed or a futon with an adult, the accommodation rate is free. However, we do not prepare towels and toothbrushes for the child. .
What credit cards do you accept for my payment?
Except Diners Card, Basically any kinds of major credit cards are accepted.
Do you have rooms on Mt. Fuji side? If you have, can I specify them?
No, basically you cannot specify rooms. But if you want and give us a message through this website (inquiry), we will try as much as possible.


How many car parks do you have ? How much does it cost ?
10 standard cars. We also have contracted parking for 100 cars around us. It is free, you can park without extra cost.
Can a motor bike park at your hotel ?
Yes, you can.
Does your parking lot have a height or width limit?
Height - No limit
Length - 5 meters
Can a large-sized car park at your hotel?
Yes, but it costs 2,000 yen (JPY). And let our frontdesk staff know in advance.
Can we book and keep a parking lot in advance?
We are not accepting reservation for standard car. In case of car length over 5m, Please contact us in advance.


Do you have a laundromat ; coin-operated laundry? If you have, where is it? How much does it cost?
Yes, we have 3 washing machines and 3 dryers. They are on the first floor.
[To wash]300 yen [To dry]100 yen for 30 minutes
Do I have to prepare washing detergent by myself?
No, it will put in the machine automatically. Laundry costs include detergent fee.
Do you have a laundry shop? Or can you hand over my clothes to a laundry shop?
No, we do not have a laundry shop or a service similar to that.


Are entrance, hallways and rooms barrier-free?
No, but we will help you as far as possible.


Do you have a shuttle bus service?
No. The following page may be helpful for you.
Please click here.
Can I rent a PC?
No. But we have a desktop PC for free internet that guests can use. It is on the first floor.
Can you give me a wake-up call?
No, we do not have a wake-up call service.
Do you have a catering service?
We aren't accepting catering service. However, we can tell you shops or restaurants around us. Please ask the frontdesk staff.
Can you lend or sell an umbrella?
We have few rental umbrellas.
I want a ticket for an event in FUJI SPEEDWAY. Can you get it for me?
No, we cannot arrange it.
Can you keep my luggage before check-in? How about after check-out?
That's OK. We will keep your luggage before check-in or after check-out.
But we cannot accept luggage with cash, valuables, goods that need temperature-controlled.
And if the number of days we keep is too long, we won't receive it. Please let our frontdesk staff know when you will receive it.
1) Is it possible to send my luggage in advance of my stay?
2) Can I send my luggage from your hotel?
1) Yes, please send your luggage to the following address after booked.
【Address】 41-1, Nimaibashi, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 412-0021, Japan C/O Hotel Select Inn Fujisan Gotemba
【Caution】①We cannot accept cash on delivery, luggage with cash, valuables, fragile goods, good that need temperature-controlled. ②Please write down your name and check-in date clearly. 
2) Yes, you can send it with Takkyubin. Please ask our frontdesk staff.
【Caution】①You cannot send valuables (cash, passport etc) with your luggage. ②Only the cash in Japanese yen is OK for sending fee. ③We cannot accept goods that need temperature-controlled. ④Depending on the place or time, it may not arrive the next day.


Is Wi-Fi available? Where can I use it? Is it free?
Yes, free Wi-Fi is available anywhere in the hotel.


Do you have communal baths?
Yes, we have. Though only for men.
You can see more photographs. Please click here.
And here you can know how to use the public baths. Please click here.
Who can use the communal baths? What time can I use?
Male guests can use the baths without extra charge. ◆3:00 PM - 7:00 AM
Are the baths hot spring (onsen) ?
Are there towels at the communal baths ?
No, please bring towels in your room.


What should I do if I forgot something on your hotel?
Please let the frontdesk staff know. If we could find it, we will keep it for 3 months. Please pick it up. If we send it, the cost will be paid by you.


How can I tell you if I don't need a room-cleaning and towels change?
Please let the frontdesk staff know on the day before.
I will stay consecutive nights. Tomorrow I want to stay in my room after 10:00 AM. But I need a room-cleaning. What should I do?
If you tell us before 10:00 AM, you can stay till 11:00 AM. We will clean your room from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
I don't need a room-cleaning. But I want towels changed. What should I do?
Please let the frontdesk staff know one day before. We will deliver towels.