How old do you charge the room rate from?
Over primary school students are charged same rate as adult but infant stay for free as long as one bed.
Can you tell me what kind of credit card we can use?
Basically any kinds of major credit cards are accepted.


How many parking space do you have and how much is it ?
We have a parking lot for 15 normal-sized cars - free of charge.
500 yen for a car / per night
Do you have a parking space for motor bike?
Yes, we do. You can park your motor bike.
Do you have any limit for the height?
No, we don't have a limit for height.
Do you have a parking space for a large car?
Yes, we have a space for large car and it costs 1,500 yen. Please ask us in advance if you are with your large-sized car.
Can we book a parking space in advance?
No, we can't. First come, first served. If our parking lot is full, hotel clerks will show you other toll parking outside the hotel.


Do you have a laundromat? If you have, give me more information.
Yes, we do. We have 2 washing machines and 2 drying machines. They are at the first floor. Washing costs 300 yen and drying costs 100 yen per 30min.
Do I have to prepare washing detergent before I wash?
No. Washing detergent will be put in the machine automatically.
Do you have a laundry service?
Yes. For more information, please ask our frontdesk clerk about it. If you leave your clothes before 9:00 AM, they will be returned after 5:00 PM.


Are rooms barrier-free?
No, our hotel is not barrier-free. We will help any disable guests.


Do you have a rental PC?
No, we don't have a rental PC.
Can I ask a wake up call?
Yes, you can. Please ask our frontdesk clerk.
Do you have a catering service?
No, we don't.
Do you have umbrellas for sudden rain? If youhave, for rental or do you sell it?
We have few rental umbrellas. We do not have umbrellas to sell.


Do you have a free Wi-Fi? If you have, where can I use it?
You can use it in all of the guest rooms. Not available at the first floor and breakfast restaurant at the second floor.


Do you have a communal bathig facilities ?
Yes, we have big communal bathing facilities separated for men and women.
Can every guests use the big baths? When can I use it?
Yes, every guests staying us are able to use the baths without extra cost.
[Hours] 3:00 PM - 12:00 midnight / 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Are your baths hot spring?
No. So you do not have to pay bath(hot spring) tax.
Do I need to bring towels to the baths?
Yes, please bring towels in your room or your own towels.


How do you handle with things left behind?
Please ask us if you left something. If we have found, we will keep it for 3 months.


How can I inform if I don't need a cleaning service during stay?
Thank you for your cooperation of eco. Please inform it to the front desk 1 day before.
What should I do if I offer the room cleaning even though I want to stay after 10am during stay?
Please inform it until noon to the front desk.
What should I do if I just prefer to change the towel during stay?
Thank you for your cooperation of eco. Please inform it to the front desk 1 day before.