Announcement of the dismantling work of the building next to the hotel

About Hotel

It is 4 minutes walk from Odakyu Isehara Station. We provide free parking lot for max 30 cars. Good access to Oyama.

  • It is only 4 minutes walk from Odakyu Isehara Station, the north exit.

  • Free morning newspaper

  • Free VOD

Hotel Select Inn Isehara

It is 4 minutes walk from Odakyu Isehara Station. We provide free parking lot for 30 cars. Good access to Oyama.

Address 3-1-7 Isehara Isehara-city Kanagawa prefecture 259-1131
Hotel Reservation 0463-97-2222
Check-in 15:00
Check out 10:00

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Hotel recommendation Only 4 minites from Odakyu Isehara Station.Free several parking lots are available.

Recommended package plans

Our Select Hotels Group provide guests with comfortable and hospitality.


Two kinds of pillow are prepared for the guest's good sleep at the reception. We provide guests with clean and comfortable room.

Facilities at the hotel

Facility and Service.

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Massage
  • Delivery
  • FAX
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking


  • Japanese comic books library
    You can enjoy Japannese comic books in us. Many kind of books are prepared.
  • Free Miso-soup
    Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning which is made from soybeans.
    Try Miso-soup at the lobby.

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It is only 4 minutes walk from Odakyu Isehara Station.
An ideal base for bussiness and leisure. It is good access to visit the Mt.Amefuri.

Hotel Select Inn Isehara

It is good location to reach to the industrial complex. An ideal base for Oyama sightseeing to visit temple, shrine and Mt cable car.

By Railway It is 4 minutes walk from Odakyyu Isehara Station.
By Car It takes 15 minutes by car from Isehara IC, Tahara Atsugi .
Free Parking Max 30 standard cars.It's first come and first servaed.
When the parking lot is full, there are some a pay parking lots nearby.


  • Oyama Temple
    Oyama temple is the first place of 36 Kanto pilgrimage round. It was built beofre B.C and one of the 3 major Kanto god. There are main shrine at the top of mountion and second shirine in the middle of mountain which located 700m high . You can hike or take a cable car there.
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  • Tokai University Hospital
    The Tokai Unverisity Hospital is the advanced treatment hospital and provide highly advanced medical. There are also Advanced Emergency Mediacal Srevice Center and Perinatal Mediacl Center in the hospital. The hospital provide Emegency Medical Care in Isehara area.
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  • Isehara Industrial Estate
    This is industrial complex for sheet metal, press working, casting, coasting,plastics, metallic mold,lumbering etc.
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  • The Grand Shrine of Isehara
    Grand Shrine of Isehara is located in Isehara City of Kanawawa prefecture. people visit to take a special pray from Shinto priest for your better fortune, health,traffic saftey etc.
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