[Hotel Select Inn Isesaki]Large common bath for men is ready on the first floor.

About Hotel

We are supplied with large complementary parking. It take 3 minutes from Komagata IC. We recommend business and family.
(We have enhanced TV services and introduced a smartphone mirroring / casting function.)

  • Adjacent parking lot available

  • The large communal baths for men

  • Queen size bed with a loft

Hotel Select Inn Isesaki

Just 3 minutes from Komagata IC. Good for for business trips or family vacations.

Address 3151-1 Miyako-machi Isesaki-city Gunma prefecture 372-0801.
Hotel Reservation 0270-40-6161
Check-in 15:00
Check out 10:00

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It takes 3 minutes by car from Komagata IC.

Recommended package plans

Our Select Hotels Group provide guests with comfortable and hospitality.


Free Wi-Fi all guests room. Useful for business.
We provide guests with clean and comfortable room.

Facilities at the hotel

Facility and Service.

  • Massage
  • Delivery
  • FAX
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking


  • The large communal baths for men
    We have large communal baths for men.
    ◆5:00 p.m. - 12:00 midnight
    ◆Male guests can use the bath without extra charge.

    *Sorry, men's only.
  • Laundromat
    Laundromat ; coin-operated laundry room opens 24 hours. It is especially convenient for long stay.

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It takes 3 minutes by car from Kita Kanto expressway Komagata IC. We have complementary large parking and it's convenient for sightseeing such as family or group.

Hotel Select Inn Isesaki

Please visit our hotel to go Isesaki Auto Race, Hot springs and amusement park (complementary).

By Car It takes 3 minutes by car from Kita Kanto expressway Komagata IC.
Parking 15-Regular car 1000 JYP per night
First 50 cars(including affiliated parking lots)
If you wish to park a large vehicle of 2t or more , please contact the hotel in advance.
Hotel Select Inn Isesaki' s exterior
Hotel Select Inn Isesaki' s exterior - night
Hotel Select Inn Isesaki's Entrance


  • Natural Hot Spring Isesaki Yumaru
    There is hot springs which is spring underground 1500M. They has small room hot springs, so it enjoy such a private.
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  • Isesaki auto racing circuit
    There is one of Auto Race in 5 places in Japan. They will be held Auto Race, and Kids bike lesson.
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  • Kezouji Amusement Park
    There are big ferris wheel, and roller coaster, and play equipment for baby. It's held Christmas lights.
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  • World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill
    The silk mills is a model mechanized silk-reeling factory established by 5 years Meiji era. It's not change until now, it's held guide tour by docent.
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