By Railway It is 1 minute walk from JR Iwaki Staion.
By Bus It is 1 minute walk from the highway bus stop.
By Car It takes 15 minutes from Iwaki Chuo IC, Zyouban Highway by car.


  • Spa Resoat Hawaiians
    The Spa Resort Hawaiians is a famous place which is set it the movie "Hula Girl's" . You can enjoy Polynesian Dancing Show, peformed by Hula girl's.
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  • Aquamarine Fukushima
    The Auarium is themed " currnt rip "which is peculiarity for the Pacific Ocean in Fukusima area. The new annex bulding "Auamarine egg" is also popluar for children.
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  • National Heritage Shiramizu Amida Temple
    Amidado hall was built in the end of the Heiwan period by Priness Toku ,Fujiwara Kiyohira's daughter. It is only one national trasure in Fukushima. It is popluar place for ancient lotus in summer and autumn leaves in the autumn.
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  • Ona Shore
    Ona Shore is beatufiul beach which fronting on the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy the beach with a warlth of natture. You can also enjoy dellious food gathered from the mountaionsand the sea in each season.
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