[Postponement of the end date of renewal work]Announcement of the dining room renewal opening and new distinctive dishes

We will be annnounced that Hotel Select Inn Numazu renewal work of the dining room will be done until December 26, 2017.
During the construction, the breakfast service will be changed its style as below.

*The renewal work's schedule was supposed to be finished on December 23. The end date will be extended. Thanks for your understanding.


Buffet style

[November 29 - December 26]

Onigiri-bento(おにぎり弁当);Boxed breakfast contains rice balls called onigiri and some side dishes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[ Announcement of the dining room renewal opening and new distinctive dishes ]

New dining room will be opened on December 27, 2017.

On this opportunity, we will serve new distintictive dishes named "Shirasu-gayu" (しらす粥) and "Suruga-oroshi-don" (駿河おろし丼).

Numazu is a city facing Suruga-wan Bay. The bay is famous for its specialty, shirasu and sakura-ebi shrimp.

We would like you to feel the goodnes of local specialty with our breakfast.

しらす粥.jpg 横500.jpg

"Shirasu-gayu" (しらす粥) is a kind of rice porridge with shirasu; the young of the sardine.

Shirasu-gayu will be served on weekdays.

駿河おろし.jpg  横500.jpg

"Suruga-oroshi-don" (駿河おろし丼) is a kind of rice dish, a bowl of rice with shirasu and sakura-ebi shrimp.

"Suruga-oroshi-don" will be served on Saturdays, Sundays and natinal holidays.

Please look forward to our new breakfast.