FET System Inc. (hereinafter the "Company") believes that protecting privacy and personal information (hereinafter collectively "Personal Information") is essential in conducting business activities, and our social responsibility. The following is an explanation of the Company's basic policies on the handling of Personal Information:

Personal Information handled by the Company

The Company treats the following information as Personal Information:

  • Information entrusted by advertisers, media companies, partner companies, etc., that identifies individuals
  • Information collected through various investigation activities that identifies individuals
  • Personal Information for services and Web membership systems operated by the Company
  • Information collected in other business activities of the Company that identifies individuals
  • Personal Information of officers, employees and retirees of the Company and partner companies, and Personal Information obtained in staff recruitment
Purpose of acquisition of Personal Information and scope of usage

The Company will specify the purpose of use of Personal Information before acquisition and will limit use within such purpose. The Company will not disclose Personal Information so acquired to any third party, except where the person concerned gives his/her consent or it is required under legislation.

On management of Personal Information

For acquired Personal Information, the Company takes the security precautions necessary and suitable for the prevention of risks, such as unauthorized access from the outside, and loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of Personal Information. When outsourcing the processing of Personal Information to a third party, the Company will select a contractor for whom the Company confirms that secure management of the information is ensured and will provide appropriate supervision.

Other matters

The Company will comply with legislation applicable to Personal Information provided by you. The Company may revise the personal information protection policy in order to better protect Personal Information or due to amendment of legislation that should be observed in Japan. For specific limited purposes (system programming, updates of websites, etc.), the Company may outsource our affairs to an outside party. In such case, the Company will limit the disclosure of information to the scope necessary and will prevent unintended use beyond such purpose by executing a contract. The Company will have its officers and employees recognize the importance of protecting Personal Information and will continuously improve the Personal Information Protection Management System. You are entitled to request disclosure, correction, or removal of your Personal Information; deny use or provision of it; or file a complaint or seek consultation. The Company is not responsible for maintaining security of Personal Information in websites linked from our website.

Inquiries about the handling of Personal Information

If you would like to confirm any matter related to your Personal Information, please contact the Chief Privacy Officer. The Company will give notice about your Personal Information kept by us only when we successfully confirm your identity so that leakage of the Personal Information to a third party will be prevented. If there is any item in your Personal Information kept by us that is incorrect or has been changed, the Company will, based on your request, correct or remove such incorrect or old information only when the Company successfully confirms your identity so that falsification by a third party of your Personal Information will be prevented.

[Contact for Inquiry about Personal Information]
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Established on November 28, 2005
Hiroshi Nakamura, Representative Director
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