By Railway It is 3 minutes walk from JR Kishin line, Higashi Tsuyama station.
By Car It takes 5 minutes from Tsuyama IC by car.
Parking (Free) Complementary parking is available for 30 standard cars on arrival base.
We cannot reserve space at all. Large car is up to 8m. In case of full of cars, we attend near chargeable parking lot.


  • Tsuyama Castle
    Cherry blossom in Tsuyama castle is the one of the 100 famous cherry blossoms in Japan. This is the No1 popular spot in Chugoku area.
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  • Jyoto Historical Town
    You can experience the history of Tsuyama. Old buildings are around like liquor shop, smith shop and others from Edo period.
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  • Tsuyama Railroad Educational Museum
    This museum was rebuilt from train strage in 2016. Total 13 trains including SL train and very rare "DE50 1" train are exhibited.
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  • Koji Inaba Belonging to B'z Memorial Road
    Home town of Japanese famous singer Mr Inaba. This is kind of sanctuary for the fans. Please visit information center at the station to get the map.
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