By Railway From Yonezawa Station : 5 minutes by car, 20 minutes on foot.
*Yonezawa Station : JR Yamagata Shinkansen ; bullet train / Ou Honsen Line ; Yamagatasen Line
By Car ◆From Yonezawa-Chuo I.C on Tohoku Chuo Jidoshado Expressway : About 7 minutes.
◆From Fukushima-Iizaka I.C of Tohoku Jidoshado Expressway : About 40km, 45 minutes.
◆From Yamagata-Zao I.C of Yamagata Jidoshado Expressway : About 50km, 60 minutes.
Parking (Free) ●For 20 normal sized cars, "First comes, first served".
●Large cars are accepted but only up to 3 tons. Please contact in advance if you park a large car.


  • Uesugi - Jinja Shrine
    Uesugi-Jinja Shrine for "Uesugi Kenshin" is a ruins of Yonezawa Castle ; "Date Masamune" was born.
    "Uesugi snow lanterns festival" is held every February.
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  • Yonesawa Uesugi Museum
    The Uesugi count residence was built as principal residence of feudal load Mr. Shigenori Uesugi. The residence became known to people as community center, and now there is famous place as a restaurant of local foods.
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  • Domori Zenkoji - Temple related to Meda Keiji
    There is a theory that Maeda Keiji was buried here, as the temple is in the same area where the Mukuan, the small building where Keiji is said to have spent his final days, once stood.
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  • Miyasaka Archaeological Museum
    The Miyasaka archaeological hall is collected valuable document which Mr. Miyasaka Zensuke first director had collected over 80 years.
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